Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Impressions of the Four Directions Summer Research Program

When I first arrived in Boston, I was amazed with the City and the Buildings. I was looking forward to seeing all the historical sites and the JFK library. Upon arrival, I had a chance to interact with all the FDSRP cohort memberss from around the United States, everyone was very positive, determined, and excited about the next 8 weeks. My first impression of the lab at Brigham Womans Hospital was a comfortable environment, I was excited to meet my PI and mentor. Everyone in my lab is so nice, intelligent, patient and works well with others. All the Post Docs and MD's are very dedicated to their work, everyday I get to lab they are always here working hard and at the last part of the day they are always the last ones to leave. I love the assurance this lab brings and all the new knowledge I have gained with this experience.

-Kristen, 2012 FDSRP Participant

~Check out the video of the FDSRP Students learning about Boston on the Boston Duckboat Tour~

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